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Hello and thank you for showing interest in the Picture the Hope Photography Tour in partnership with Gracie May Photography. Here are all the details you’ll need to get in on the action:

When: The next stop on the calendar is at Hitchin Lavender Farm, Herts on 17th August, 2013.

Where: This is a special edition photo day to produce images completely different from the ones you're used to seeing. While most of the awareness tour photo shoots have taken place in a studio infront of a grey background, this day will be a family picnic at Hitchin Lavender Farm. Your girls will be photographed in the beautiful purple of these lavender fields

Who: Elizabeth Halford of Gracie May Photography (also a member of the Cure Rett team) will be on hand with Kori Coates (director of family support) for a wonderful day of photo shoots and a great time to meet some of the folks behind Cure Rett and receive some really valuable support.

So who is it for? Anyone within the sound of our voice who has a daughter with Rett Syndrome is invited to book a slot.

Cost to you: Absolutely nothing!

What: The first thing you're receive is some camera time with Elizabeth. As much as we would love to make these full blown family shoots, we would like to accommodate as many girls as possible. We may be able to include sibling, family and/or parent shots, but that will depend on many different factors such as time and space. Bring everyone camera-ready and we'll do whatever we can to get everyone in.

In addition to the camera time, you’ll receive an online gallery where you can purchase prints at cost (literally pennies!), a hand crafted digital infographic to tell your daughter’s story to the world and a pack of awareness cards to share your daughter’s story on the go.

What’s in it for us: On booking, you’ll be sent a release to sign stating that you allow us to use your daughter’s image for our awareness campaign, website, printed materials, etc. And of course, we get a chance to meet you!

How: If you’re as excited as we are and ready to sign up, email Elizabeth at and she’ll take it from there.

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